Elite Craftsmanship Founded on Decades of Experience

Since creation, Prime Interiors has completed groundbreaking projects and have continued to improve and beautify homes and projects in the BIG APPLE. Our satisfaction stems from being able to contribute to the magnificent architectural and structural legacy New York is widely known for; our projects depict how skilled we are!

Highly Skilled On-Site and Off-Site Staff

From customer service to field workers, you are guaranteed a smooth experience from start to finish of your project. The Prime Interiors team is proud to be part of some of the most beautiful high-end custom mansions, condominiums, residential and commercial projects. Therefore, rest assured, because you are hiring a pro!


The Prime Interiors team efficiently manages estimates, design, budgets, scheduling, and proper installation of doors and moldings in any project. In fact, we invest 100% in every job because we believe that one good job brings in more clients.


We install all kinds of doors, closet shelves, and moldings. Whether you are beginning a new project, completing a remodeling project, or just looking to enhance the look of your home or property, we got you covered.

Door Installation

Let our experts help you give a stunning finish to your project with custom door installation and trim. Quality is the core of what we do; don’t wait, contact us for a competing estimate in minutes.

Molding Specialists

Our installation beats anyone when it comes to base molding trim. From standard to custom design or any other woodwork, we install it to perfection. A project is not complete without a graceful flair to its finished top edge. At Prime Interiors, one of our highest skillsets is laying out magnificent yet subtle crown moldings to give your project interior the perfect crown it deserves!

Window Trim

Our window trim craftsmen have been in the industry for decades! The subtle details of your window trim add to the aesthetic beauty of a building’s exterior and improve insulation. From the simplest picture-frame trim to the intricate millwork, we have the best-skilled workers guaranteed to get the job done and even match the window trim to your project’s crown and base moldings.


Contact us for stylish yet functional home accessories such as vanities, bathroom mirrors, towel, shower, and tissue bars. The kind of accessories we use for every project we take eliminates clutter and creates more open space.


We install closet shelving that makes the most out of the closet space you have. Our custom closet shelving is highly adjustable, allowing you to organize the perfect closet! It goes beyond just having a closet; our installation helps you manage the organization and neatness of your bedroom. A well-designed closet adds two to three times the value of your project. Let us help you install closet shelves that will fit your belongings perfectly.

Door Hardware

In addition to our myriad services, our in-house locksmiths will install all your door hardware the perfect way! We help you source for high-quality hardware that enhance the functionality and appearance of your door. From door pulls to door holders, door hinges, stylish door accessories, and lots more, prime interiors got you covered.


Custom Wood Trim

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Video Presentation

Yep. That’s who we are. That’s what we do. Everything Prime Interiors is done the Prime way! While adding lasting benefits such as comfort, beauty, and efficiency to your projects, workplace safety is essential for every employee at Prime Interiors.

About Us

We have been in the door and molding industry for decades! The Prime Interiors team consists of a variety of artisans and skilled workers trained in the custom door and window trim, elegant moldings craft, and all kinds of stylish home accessories installation.

We strive to ensure all installations and moldings are fit to perfection, leaving no slight edge unturned! Our tradesmen are committed to ensuring the vision of Prime Interiors is achieved and maintained on all projects.

Our collective years of experience is not our only strong point; we are highly passionate about what we do. To the Prime Interiors team, each project is an opportunity to provide an attractive and tasteful outcome to our customers, their families, and their neighborhood.